MLB home runs and the weather

BY OLIVIA MILTNER Experts have yet to decide why the MLB has seen such a spike this season and a general increase in home runs over the past three years. Most potential explanations revolve around aspects like how baseballs are designed or if players are adjusting their swings to hit more home runs. Some believe batters are trying to increase the launch angle of their hits and … Continue reading MLB home runs and the weather

Urban Heat Islands

BY OLIVIA MILTNER Mirroring their increasing populations, the United States’ current 10 largest cities have gradually become warmer over the past century, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Such rising temperatures can be attributed to growing intensity of urban heat islands, or urban regions that are noticeably hotter than surrounding areas. And with expected increases … Continue reading Urban Heat Islands

70 students arrested at Ohio University protest

BY OLIVIA MILTNER Around 70 people were arrested Wednesday evening during a sit-in at Baker University Center. The protesters were demanding Ohio University become a sanctuary campus after about 300 people rallied earlier at the Athens Courthouse against President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. Though the official arrest numbers have not been released, this is on track to be the second-largest mass arrest resulting from a … Continue reading 70 students arrested at Ohio University protest

Food for Thought

Complexities of food stamp “fraud” break down stereotypes and over-simplified assumptions. BY OLIVIA MILTNER One lesson Jacob learned while he lived on $800 per month was the joy of large bulk cereal bags. Offbrand Fruit Loops, he said, taste just as good as regular Fruit Loops. “I had enough to get by, and if it was a really good week, I could have waffles and … Continue reading Food for Thought