Columbus Vacant Housing Redevelopment

Since 2012, the city of Columbus has torn down more than 1,000 vacant houses to improve neighborhoods. But the city is having trouble developing the lots. One goal was to rebuild single family homes, but that’s only happened a few dozen times. One reason is the process is tough for average home buyers to navigate. BY OLIVIA MILTNER Four years ago, the city tore down … Continue reading Columbus Vacant Housing Redevelopment

Food for Thought

Complexities of food stamp “fraud” break down stereotypes and over-simplified assumptions. BY OLIVIA MILTNER One lesson Jacob learned while he lived on $800 per month was the joy of large bulk cereal bags. Offbrand Fruit Loops, he said, taste just as good as regular Fruit Loops. “I had enough to get by, and if it was a really good week, I could have waffles and … Continue reading Food for Thought