New Wave Varieties Upset The Apple Cart

BY OLIVIA MILTNER Lynd Fruit Farm in Pataskala, Ohio, is packed every autumn with folks who come to pick more apples than they know what to do with. The trees are laden with ripe fruit, ranging from supermarket staples such as Red Delicious and Gala to the locally developed Melrose and the heirloom variety Winesap. For the past three years, though, Lynd has also sold … Continue reading New Wave Varieties Upset The Apple Cart

Beyond The Baked Potato

BY OLIVIA MILTNER The appeal of spring, summer and fall vegetables, with their bright colors and light textures, is an undeniable sign of freshness and bounty. Winter veggies stored away in a root cellar? Less romantic. But that doesn’t stop Columbus restaurants from employing some creativity so that you can eat local year-round. Celeriac is one of those strange root vegetables that find their way … Continue reading Beyond The Baked Potato

An Epidemic Of Loneliness — Among Lawyers and Doctors

BY OLIVIA MILTNER Katie Davis spends her afternoons and evenings in therapy sessions with kids. As a clinical psychologist in private practice on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Davis helps young patients through severe anxiety, mood disorders and other mental health challenges in order to improve their educational attainment. She says she’s “taking on all of their struggles,” and she’s doing so without an outlet for … Continue reading An Epidemic Of Loneliness — Among Lawyers and Doctors

The Future of Food (Is Now)

BY OLIVIA MILTNER Living with a gluten intolerance means sacrificing warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies, my mom’s mouth-melting dark chocolate cake and everything bagels smothered in cream cheese, all for the sake of a happy and functioning digestive tract. Some foods have made valiant attempts to fill this void, but despite the new era of gluten-free awareness, finding decent baked-good alternatives has been a … Continue reading The Future of Food (Is Now)

50 Is The New 20

BY OLIVIA MILTNER The new Penzone is like stepping into a room that has collected everything millennial women are into. The salon and spa has plants growing on the walls, succulents decorating tables and health juices and energy balls for thirsty or hungry patrons. Local art hangs on the walls, they sell local beauty products, and sandwiches sit in the refrigerator. Crimson Cup coffee, with … Continue reading 50 Is The New 20

This western disease is infiltrating developing countries

BY OLIVIA MILTNER Adrian Bulfon was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease when he was 16. Since then, he’s figured out where he can go, what he can do and what he can eat, though now he eats pretty much whatever he wants, knowing that most foods will bother him. And just as the disease was a part of him, it was closely identified with the … Continue reading This western disease is infiltrating developing countries

How the U.S. Army and Marines are preparing for future urban wars

BY OLIVIA MILTNER For Iraqis returning to Mosul, the homes missing roofs and walls, filled with rubble, are a reminder of what existed before ISIS took control of the city in 2014. To the U.S. Army that helped liberate the city — originally designed as a fortress — after a nine-month campaign, the ruins and a lingering threat are pointers to the future. Massive piles … Continue reading How the U.S. Army and Marines are preparing for future urban wars

Columbus Vacant Housing Redevelopment

Since 2012, the city of Columbus has torn down more than 1,000 vacant houses to improve neighborhoods. But the city is having trouble developing the lots. One goal was to rebuild single family homes, but that’s only happened a few dozen times. One reason is the process is tough for average home buyers to navigate. BY OLIVIA MILTNER Four years ago, the city tore down … Continue reading Columbus Vacant Housing Redevelopment